Honest review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X


The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x is one of the most critically acclaimed masks on the internet and for good reason. It’s coming in at a very reasonable price of $19CAD ($15USD)! Innisfree has reformulated their clay mask stating that it can now absorb two times the amount of oil and impurities from your face.

I purchased this mask during the spring Sephora sale and been using it a great deal since. In this review, I will help you understand its key ingredients and what they do, then outline my personal experience and impressions of this hyped up, fan-fave solution.

Key ingredients: made for exfoliating and deep cleaning

This is a creamy, deep-cleansing pore clay mask that’s formulated with jeju super volcanic clusters and lactic acid (AHA). Fancy labels aside, the ultimate goal is to address popular skin concerns: clogged pores, oiliness, dullness, and uneven skin tone/texture.

These jeju’s are finely ground hardened volcanic lava that help absorb excess sebum and are sourced from the Jeju Island in South Korea during the time of volcanic eruptions.

Side note, be sure to read my chemical exfoliation guide here.


Lactic acid falls towards the mid-bottom of the ingredient list. However, you don’t need a high percentage of chemical exfoliants in order to effectively impact your skin. It gets the job done when it comes to removing those nasty dead skin cells!

The clay mask also has a ton of oil-absorbing and mattifying properties such as silica and bentonite clay, which make it a perfect treatment for individuals with oily skin. However, as you might not expect, the addition of these are not super drying on the skin (phew!).

Lastly, the mask is formulated with tocopherol, a vitamin E, which is a type of antioxidant that helps protect skin from free radicals!

The feel: creamy and soothing with ultimate hydration

I really enjoy the texture of this clay mask! I haven’t used a similar product that provided a pore-cleansing feel in addition to yielding effective hydration. This whipped, suitably grey clay mask is easy to apply.

Once the mask dries, it doesn’t make your skin feel uncomfortable or tight. It’s also extremely easy to wash off with no to minimal pressure.


End results and final thoughts on this pore clay mask

It’s rare for me to notice a physical change when wearing a rinse-off mask, but this product was pleasantly surprising. Adding this mask part of your pore maintenance routine, it’s a game changer.

Does my skin look visibly clean and not obviously clogged to the naked eye? Yes, definitely! Do I see my blackheads peering on the surface of my face, just begging to be set free? Nope, not really.

Another welcome observation is the matte-type finish that is left behind. This is of little concern to me because I ensure to follow up with products that include both antioxidant and hydrating properties.

Naturally, I am still a victim of the occasional hormonal breakouts that occur prior to getting my period. This pore clay mask aids in the reduction in the severity of these over time.

While this mask is undeniably suitable for those with oily to normal skin types, it’s also ideal for those of us with drier skin who tend to breakout from mattifying products.

The price value: so worth it!

Taking into consideration the ingredient list, texture, application/removal, and final results – it’s easily something I would recommend, especially given its affordability. They have definitely earned a repeat customer in me!

Do you have a specific mask that helps you in times of dire need? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Natalie Richardson says:

    Great post Fleur – thank you for sharing this information!

  • Dutchie says:

    Thanks for publishing such informative article, Fleur. In Europe we adore the sun and using SPF is not a very common thing. Also, I remember that in the early days, SPF didn’t go higher than 30 and we only used it while on the beach. And when someone got a sun burn, we just laughed and put slices of cucumber on it to cool it down. You are absolutely right, we need to include SPF in our daily skin routine. Now one more challenge to go: introduce this to my husband.

    • Fleur Boomsma says:

      Thank you for sharing this little story! If we can normalize the use of sunscreen a lot of skin cancer could be prevented! Luckily the skincare companies are getting more innovative with their formulas to make sunscreen attractive for everyone of all skin colors/conditions/types!

  • Eva B says:

    So informative! Thank you for the sunscreen recommendations xx

  • Jennifer says:

    Sunscreen can save your life!!

  • Sue says:

    Your hair looks lovely. I want to try this now.

  • Celine says:

    Hello! I want to ask, after using the innisfree super volcanic mask, you rinse it off and then do you apply your skincare after that? or do you just leave your bare face after rinsing the clay mask off?

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