MONDAY Hair Care – Worth the hype? An honest review


As someone who never used to think hair care ingredients were that important, I quickly came to the realization how wrong I really was, especially when I used to have beach blonde hair. Today, let’s review the newly hyped brand, MONDAY Hair Care.

Previously only made available in New Zealand and Australia, the brand has really built a name for themselves in recent months.

They’ve thought of everything the modern-day woman wants: Instagrammable packaging and a GOOD product. Trust me, a product being instagram-worthy is quite important if you want to build hype and garner attention.

Who is MONDAY hair care?

MONDAY is a luxury-meets-drugstore brand that’s SLS and paraben free, animal cruelty free, and uses bottles made of sustainable materials. Did I forget to mention how BEAUTIFUL and minimalistic their packaging is? Part of me wanted to buy it just for the bottle!

They offer four different shampoos and conditioners that cater to different hair types: from straight to frizzy, oily to dry, etc.

Hold up, what does SLS and paraben even mean?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a chemical cleansing agent that’s used to create that lathering effect to remove all dirt and oils. The problem is that it can really damage your hair if you have a sensitive scalp. I actually found out that if you have fine hair (that’s me!), you want to avoid this.

Parabens is a preservative that prevents mold and bacteria from growing to prolong the product’s shelf life. Brandelin Green from Voice of Hair states that “Studies have shown that parabens have weak estrogen-like properties. Estrogen is a female hormone known to cause breast cells to grow and divide. Also, estrogen has been proven to cause damage to the hair and scalp– which is a definite NO-NO!”


What are MONDAY’s other outstanding ingredients?

You can find a great and simple list on MONDAY’s ingredients here, however, I want to highlight a few. You’ll notice that most of them are naturally based ingredients –  MONDAY combines science and nature to formulate their product lines.

  • Coconut root extract is used to properly cleanse and moisturize the scalp (dry scalp, anyone?)

  • Ginger root extract stimulates the scalp by increasing the blood flow which increases hair growth, and

  • Artichoke leaf extract protects the hair cuticles, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

My impressions on MONDAY hair care

I purchased a total of four products: the VOLUME shampoo and conditioner, the GENTLE shampoo, and the SMOOTH conditioner.

First of all, I’m a big fan of MONDAY’s fragrance – it smells fruity, yet floral, while not being too overpowering. The scent dissipates quickly once you leave the shower – I wish my hair would maintain that amazing aroma all day!

The bottles are made of 100% recycled material. The pump, however, is not that great. The nozzle is too small which results in not enough product coming out of one pump.

I have to dispense the product two to three times to be the equivalent of other products I am used to. It’s inconvenient because I end up holding the bottle (hello, slippery hands), which defeats the purpose of leaving it where it belongs.


The shampoos lather quite beautifully from the FIRST WASH! I never used a shampoo that can properly wash my hair the first time. This is why I wash my hair twice – the first wash to rinse the oils out and the second wash to cleanse the hair.

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Because MONDAY shampoos properly cleanse my hair on the first wash, I don’t feel the need to wash it a second time. However, I prefer the GENTLE shampoo over the VOLUME shampoo.

The volume shampoo tends to put knots in my hair. This could be the result of a specific chemical reaction to my hair, but I do not have this problem with the GENTLE shampoo at all.

All in all, both SMOOTH and VOLUME conditioners are OUTSTANDING products. I never used such a beautiful and effective conditioner before. If you can imagine a product in between a conditioner and a hair mask – these conditioners are it. The consistency is just right – not too watery and not too dense – It’s just right.


Final results

After finishing my hair care routine, including a blow dry – my hair felt uber smooth and less frizzy. This goes for both conditioners. I’m a fan of the glossy look without weighing my hair down.

However, I don’t notice a big difference in volume in my hair when using the VOLUME shampoo and conditioner together OR separately. Other than that, all products do leave that healthy glossy shine and weightless bounce in the back, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

Overall, it’s a great brand to try out based on value for money – I highly recommend it!

Please let me know if you’ve used MONDAY’s products on Instagram and let me know what your thoughts are! Let’s start a conversation and share some tips on maintaining healthy hair!

Until next time!



  • Natalie Richardson says:

    Great post Fleur – thank you for sharing this information!

  • Dutchie says:

    Thanks for publishing such informative article, Fleur. In Europe we adore the sun and using SPF is not a very common thing. Also, I remember that in the early days, SPF didn’t go higher than 30 and we only used it while on the beach. And when someone got a sun burn, we just laughed and put slices of cucumber on it to cool it down. You are absolutely right, we need to include SPF in our daily skin routine. Now one more challenge to go: introduce this to my husband.

    • Fleur Boomsma says:

      Thank you for sharing this little story! If we can normalize the use of sunscreen a lot of skin cancer could be prevented! Luckily the skincare companies are getting more innovative with their formulas to make sunscreen attractive for everyone of all skin colors/conditions/types!

  • Eva B says:

    So informative! Thank you for the sunscreen recommendations xx

  • Jennifer says:

    Sunscreen can save your life!!

  • Sue says:

    Your hair looks lovely. I want to try this now.

  • Celine says:

    Hello! I want to ask, after using the innisfree super volcanic mask, you rinse it off and then do you apply your skincare after that? or do you just leave your bare face after rinsing the clay mask off?

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