Holifrog silky face cleanser meets silky-soft pillowcase

Holifrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash: a review


I’m usually hesitant when it comes to trying out new cleansers because I’m concerned for breakouts. The 16-year-old Fleur used to use stripping cleansers because she naturally thought, “If my skin feels tight and dry after washing my face, it must have succeeded in oil-control.”

Luckily, I’ve come to my senses and learned that the tight and dry feeling is a big no-no.

Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of expensive face washes, especially those cleansers that contain only 5.1 fl oz/150ml. I have thoughts I’d like to share, so keep reading to find out!

Key ingredients

This is a soothing and replenishing cleanser that’s ideal for those who have sensitive or dry skin. It calms inflammation and irritation with the help of aloe vera leaf juice and panthenol (vitamin B5) which attracts and holds onto moisture on the skin. The water lily and lotus flower also keeps the skin moisturized long-term by maximizing the skin’s water storage abilities.

I purchased this cleanser along with the Holifrog Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder wash (a powder exfoliant) because, if purchased together, it was actually cheaper. To be honest, this was the only way I could justify the price point.

I purchased this cleanser along with the Holifrog Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder wash (a powder exfoliant) because, if purchased together, it was actually cheaper. To be honest, this was the only way I could justify the price point.

The milky cleanser is packed with a bunch of skin-identical ingredients, which are identified as amino acids. These 14 different types of amino acids also help strengthen the skin’s barrier. Last, but definitely not least. It contains antioxidants such Vitamin E that help neutralize harmful free radicals and can discourage oil oxidation, which prevent blackheads.

Texture: feels like a silk pillowcase

If you’re a big fan of foaming cleansers and those that easily remove all of your makeup, this cleanser may not be for you. I would describe the texture of this cleanser as silky, almost as if you’re putting your face to a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. You could almost classify this as the fancy version of the Cerave hydrating cleanser since it does share similar textural properties and results.

One to two pumps is generally enough to suitably wash your face and remove all the leftover residue left on your skin (when you double cleanse). It’s truly a treat!


If you happen to have the Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash, I recommend mixing these two together (on your exfoliation evenings during the week, of course). It provides the same silky feeling, but with a hint of mild exfoliation. Your skin also looks brighter, thanks to the vitamin C in the physical exfoliation combined with the beneficial ingredients of the milky wash.

Results on my oily-skin type

Does it do the job of properly cleansing the skin? Easy answer, yes. Does my face feel hydrated after cleansing without feeling oily? Another resounding yes. It is a great cleanser formulated for all skin types. Those who have oily skin (like me!) can also benefit from these types of cleansers, especially if you’ve accidentally over-exfoliated or performed aggressive treatments on your face (think microneedling or Fraxel). Personally, my skin has been much happier by including hydrating ingredients alongside the more aggressive treatments.

Finally, have I observed significant improvement in terms of moisturization and strengthening of my skin’s barrier? Truth is, I’m not 100% sure. Since it is a wash-off treatment, there’s only so much you can see with the naked eye. However, by combining it with my other skincare products and sunscreen, I must say that my skin’s barrier has become more resistant – so I guess that’s a good thing, right!?

Is the Milky wash worth the price of $38USD/$49CAD?

Quite simply, no. It is not worth the price, especially given the size of the product. If you have money to blow and are convinced, by all means! At the end of the day, it is a cleanser, and I think it’s better to invest that money on a quality serum containing similar ingredients, if not more or better.

Will I continue using this cleanser?

Of course! Since it is so small, I will be bringing this cleanser with me on my upcoming trip to the Netherlands. I guess you pay for travel friendly products, go figure!

Remember, if a product doesn’t work for your face, a great alternative is to repurpose it on your body. And then, since we all love the environment, you can proceed to recycle the bottle.

Have a favourite cleanser? Drop me a comment and profess your love.

Until next time!



  • Natalie Richardson says:

    Great post Fleur – thank you for sharing this information!

  • Dutchie says:

    Thanks for publishing such informative article, Fleur. In Europe we adore the sun and using SPF is not a very common thing. Also, I remember that in the early days, SPF didn’t go higher than 30 and we only used it while on the beach. And when someone got a sun burn, we just laughed and put slices of cucumber on it to cool it down. You are absolutely right, we need to include SPF in our daily skin routine. Now one more challenge to go: introduce this to my husband.

    • Fleur Boomsma says:

      Thank you for sharing this little story! If we can normalize the use of sunscreen a lot of skin cancer could be prevented! Luckily the skincare companies are getting more innovative with their formulas to make sunscreen attractive for everyone of all skin colors/conditions/types!

  • Eva B says:

    So informative! Thank you for the sunscreen recommendations xx

  • Jennifer says:

    Sunscreen can save your life!!

  • Sue says:

    Your hair looks lovely. I want to try this now.

  • Celine says:

    Hello! I want to ask, after using the innisfree super volcanic mask, you rinse it off and then do you apply your skincare after that? or do you just leave your bare face after rinsing the clay mask off?

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